Sometimes we need to inform you about technical stuff and let go of the pretty picture posts for a moment. After all, it’s the technique that makes post-production possible. Bare with me for a moment.

For those who are puzzled or even bored already, LTO is a long term storage device. It’s mostly used to save and archive all the raw camera footage. The insurance companies demand this if you want their approval on the policy. Since we are working with 6K footage these days, a bigger storage unit is required.

As of  last week, we swapped our LTO 6 device for a new and improved LTO 7.

This means we can store at least 6 Terrabyte uncompressed onto one tape!

It’s not only 3 times bigger in storage, it’s also nearly twice as fast. Rocket speed @ 300 MB/s.

Thanks for reading this far. Back to the pretty pics.