A scientist strangely finds himself on an unmanned Norwegian research vessel and is doomed to roam the seas. Viewers follow him on his journey above and below deck, and like him, have difficulty determining where the real world ends and the world of imagination begins. Spinning, jolting, shuddering and hovering, the mysterious vessel gradually reveals its inner and outer anatomy and draws the scientist and the audience into its essence.

Vessel a joint project by artists Jasper van den Brink and Yasmijn Karhof, is a video installation consisting of three simultaneous projections on three screens positioned side by side. The film tells a circular story, with the end imperceptibly leading viewers back to the beginning. The story sometimes moves across the three screens, presenting a single panorama, while at other moments separate story lines are presented simultaneously, each on a separate screen.
The film was shot on the research vessel Johan Hjort of the The Norwegian Institute of Marine Research. Van den Brink and Karhof boarded in the Norwegian port of Bergen and travelled with the crew to Tromsø. From there, the ship crossed the Barents Sea to a small island called Bjørnøya.

Work Done
Project Description
6K resolution grading on Resolve.
Director: Jasper van den Brink and Yasmijn Karhof
DOP: Stijn van Santen
Off-line editor: Wieke Wagemans
Colour grading: Barry Clarke on Resolve @ 6K resolution
Post Production Producer: Marcel Oudendijk