Artwork Specs

Delivering artwork to Captcha! requires the below specs. Send artwork to artwork@captcha.nl.

Artwork / Logo’s / Titles

  • TIFF or TGA (with alpha channel)
  • PSD (Rastorize layers)
  • EPS (With outline type)

File sequences

  • Incrementing 10bit DPX sequence
  • Incrementing 8bit TGA sequence
  • Incrementing 32bit EXR sequence (CG only)

File Transfer

For file transfers we have an easy to use Web-FTP for transferring files up to 2 GB.
For larger files we recommend using a FTP client software like Filezilla.

If you like to register an account please contact us.

Via FTP-client software


Grading necessities


  • Raw camera files on a fast* USB-C, USB-3, Thunderbolt disk 
    * (new or reformatted)
  • Potential VFX shots in the same colour space as the camera files respecting the naming convention
  • Potential assets for film burns, grunge effects, dust particles or specific film grain

Edit – XML / AAF / EDL

Make sure that the timeline you use to export the XML / AAF / EDL from is flattened down to one video track as far as possible and does not contain any nested or merged sequences. The clips have to relate to the Camera Originals and possible VFX shots, not to proxies if those were used.

  • XML (the highest version available)
  • AAF (for video, not an audio AAF)
  • EDL per video track of a timeline (CMX3600)
  • Reference video of the same approved edit with data burn-in of source file name and source timecode.
  • Editors notes regarding anomalies and/or request specified with timecode
  • Information on cameras and possible LOG settings that were used.
  • An EDL per video track in addition to an XML or AAF.
  • Translation File (describes what could not be translated when the EDL / XML / AAF was created)
  • Audio mixdown (24bit @48Khz WAV met dezelfde lengte en sync piepen. 
  • A clean high quality export (self-contained ProRes 4444 or DNxHD 175x – or higher if required for the resolution or dynamic range)
  • Color Passport shots per scene on a timeline as XML, AAF or EDL