It is best to watch on a calibrated monitor. Note that it should be calibrated for rec709, not for photo or print editing. Use D65 as white point and gamma 2.4 for a dim room.

If you do not have this at your disposal we can recommend apple products that are only a few years old. They have pretty good factory settings. Also LG OLED televisions set to cinema mode will get you fairly close.


You will have noticed that when you have been wearing brown coloured sunglasses for a while and take them off everything feels not only very bright but also overly blue.

Because our eyes and brains compensate for the environment we are in, to make sense of what we see we have to control the environment we watch in if we want to make an accurate judgment. 

Watch in a dim, not dark environment just as we do in our colour suite. If you were to watch in a room as dark as a cinema the brightest areas would feel overly bright and dark areas would feel lifted. Conversely, if you were to watch in a bright room, with daylight for instance, you would not be able to see the detail in the dark areas.

The light should have a colour temperature of 6500k. This is based on daylight so if need be you can close the curtains and let a bit of light through. If you have Hue LED lights you can set them to 6500k. For comfortable viewing place a 6500k light behind your monitor. 

Make sure there are no colours in your field of vision, especially behind the monitor. A wall that is mid grey is optimal.